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The IAMI Log-In system has been upgraded to ensure that no passwords are stored in readable format on the system.

This should not affect your log in process in any way, but if you do experience problems, first of all please check that you are using the correct user name and password (both are case-sensitive).

If you continue to experience difficulties, reset your password as explained in the Forgotten Password section below.

If all else fails, please contact your System Administrator

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To have your details stored on your computer as a cookie for each time you log in check this box You will always be asked for your password.

Forgotten your details?

Passwords are no longer stored on the system, but you can reset your password to a random key by entering your account PIN above, and your email address in the box below, then clicking SEND. The selected password will then be mailed to you. To change your password to one of your choosing, log in with the password and change your profile in the USERS section. If you do not have access to the USERS section, please contact your System Administrator.

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