Primary Steps Collection for Staff Christmas Pressies

Welcome to the Primary Steps Reward activation page!

You are about go forward to a secure page where you can place a donation for your childs room from the list below of account numbers.  Please be aware that the website automatically adds £4.95 postage and packing to our orders - you will not be charged this!  Our secure order page does not take your money online, it captures it only and we manually process your orders.

Each room in the nursery has been allocated a number.  You can also put a message in with your donation, and the staff from that room will see what you have written.  They will not know the value of what you dontated.   We will collate the donations for each room, and will then advise Primary Steps, who will then allocate the funds equally between the staff in your room (less 15% which will go to the other nursery helpers not included in the room lists).

Each staff member will then be given a Reward Card that they can then spend anywhere on our website or from our other website and choose from our fantastic selection of gift vouchers from most of the leading suppliers in the UK or giftcards for tickets to attractions around the UK.

The card numbers allocated to each room are below - please highlight your room number (NOT TEXT), copy and then paste into the box on the next page.   

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Dragon Flies - 2539 4259 5262

Ladybirds - 2539 1591 3228

Caterpillars - 2539 1955 3480

Bumble Bees - 2539 5816 6153

Butterflies - 2539 5829 6162

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