Your system configuration may not include some of the IAMI features listed below. If you think there is a feature which could be useful to you which is not in your configuration please contact your system supplier for an upgrade. Select your help topic:

Logging In Service Track is a comprehensive service, repair and support management module
The organiser is a convenient way of organising your web pages into convenient categories Storefront is IAMI's on-line shopping cart and e-commerce system. 
Navigation is where menus and scrollers are configured. The IAMI CRM centre is a highly customisable CRM package in its own right as well as being at the heart of many other modules.
The web page editor is the heart of IAMI's content management. Questionnet is IAMI's unique on-line questionnaire configuration and data capture package.
Themes are closely allied to web page content management, and are used when your site has distinct 'sections'. Mailmaker uses the same design interface as the site pages module to create e-mail shots and newsletters for distribution to your CRM database.
User groups are used to allocate access rights to groups of users. A collection of applets for small clubs and organisations, such as on-line registration, event listing and forums.
IAMI's user management allows you to create and manage user accounts, and assign access rights IAMI's comprehensive event and booking management module.