IAMI Help - Logging In

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 The Log-In screen is looks like this:

You will need the ACCOUNT NUMBER, USER NAME and PASSWORD allocated to you by your system administrator. If you have forgotten your password, you can have this emailed to you, but you still need to know your account number. You can have your ACCOUNT NUMBER and USER NAME remembered on your computer as a cookie by ticking the box provided. You will always be asked for your password on log in. 

After logging in the screen might look like this:

The icons along the top of the screen give you access to the various modules purchased with your IAMI package. You may not see all those shown above, or you may see more and even some specially customised ones for your application. Even though you may have certain modules in your package, your log-in may be restricted to accessing only some by your system administrator.

To access any of the modules, simply click on the icon.

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