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The organiser is a handy way of keeping track of your documents (web pages, forms, reports, etc). The structure of the folders which you use to organise your documents does not affect the way your web site works in any way at all, so you don't have to consider menus or navigation issues.

Each folder is opened or closed by clicking the folder icon . Below each folder icon there is a row of small icons whose function relates to the directory.
Their functions are as follows:

Creates a new sub-folder within the current folder.
A box will pop-up for you to enter the name of the new folder.
After entering the name of the new folder, click OK.


Creates a new web page within the current folder
Creates a new Form in the current directory
Creates a new Report in the current directory
Creates a new Document in the current directory
Renames the current folder. A pop-up similar to that used when creating a new folder will appear. Enter then new name of the folder and click OK.
Delete the current folder. The folder can not be deleted if it contains other folders or documents

You can edit any document by clicking once on its name.

Documents are moved between folders by clicking on the NAME of the document, then dragging it to the new folder location. If the target folder is off the screen, as you drag your mouse towards the top or bottom edge of the screen the display will automatically scroll.

TIP: make sure your mouse pointer is positioned over the folder icon before releasing the mouse button.

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