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Themes are used in conjunction with Site Pages to define the basic page templates used with your site. The themes for your site are normally set up as part of the basic site configuration, and are do not normally require alteration. Every site has at least one theme, most have two with the second one being a blank page template. Sites with a distinct multi-channel element may have more themes where the page format depends on the 'channel'.

Clicking the themes icon displays a list of themes which have been configured for your site, and may look something like this:

To edit an existing theme, click the icon. To create a new theme, click the NEW THEME button. Both will take you to a screen which may look like this:

This dialogue is used to set a number of parameters which may or may not be relevant to your template page design. The most important setting is the TEMPLATE. These templates are the basic building-blocks of your site pages and are pre-defined at system configuration. The affect that the theme parameters have on this basic design (if any) is incorporated into this basic design. Refer to your system administrator for details. 

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